Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 41
Kitty bling

Day 40

100 Day at school

Day 39

Jason's favorite pasttime - Wii

Day 38

kids' favorite snack - pretzels

Day 37

Alison, Jess and Jen

Day 36

Sleeping beauty in the car

Day 35

the pond in winter

Day 34

Mike getting snow in the backyard during the storm

Day 33

My favorite drink - Tastefully Simple's Watermelon slush

Day 32

Jess after eating my chocolate mousse from Bertuccis

Day 31

My favorite pizza - the Sporkie
Day 30

At Nana Pat's

Day 29

My favorite snack

Day 28

Jessica's favorite bedtime story

Day 27
Jason helping make brownies

Day 26
CNY Year of the Ox celebrated at the China Pilgrim

Day 25

Getting ready for Chinese NY party