Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 62 mar 5 pond in twilight

Day 61 mar 4 giant king cake

Day 60 Mar 3 sweater from Jessie

Day 59 Mar2 first (only) snow day

Day 58 Mar 1 a girl's favorite mouse

Day 57 Feb 28 class on spring

day 56 Feb 27 Mardi Gras parade

Day 55 February 26 Hives

Day 54 February 25 Gotcha Day anniversary - 14 Union

Day 53 Feburary 24 Mardi Gras

Day 52 February 23 not feeling great

Day 51 February 22 laundry cats

Day 50 February 21 hanging on the couch

Day 49 February 20

Evidence of enjoying Panera's Creamy tomato soup

Day 48 February 19 Snoopy Ride walmart

Day 47 February 18


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 46 February 17
Valentines roses from Mike

February 16
Plymouth harbor

Day 45

February 15
Celebrating Valentines Day a day late at the Outback.

Day 44

February 14

Tea room with Jess and Nana. Jess is looking for treasure on the Plymouth map

Day 43

February 13

Day 42
Cape Cod Croppers Ladies Night Out - made advent calendar for Jess

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 41
Kitty bling

Day 40

100 Day at school

Day 39

Jason's favorite pasttime - Wii

Day 38

kids' favorite snack - pretzels

Day 37

Alison, Jess and Jen

Day 36

Sleeping beauty in the car

Day 35

the pond in winter

Day 34

Mike getting snow in the backyard during the storm

Day 33

My favorite drink - Tastefully Simple's Watermelon slush

Day 32

Jess after eating my chocolate mousse from Bertuccis

Day 31

My favorite pizza - the Sporkie
Day 30

At Nana Pat's

Day 29

My favorite snack

Day 28

Jessica's favorite bedtime story

Day 27
Jason helping make brownies

Day 26
CNY Year of the Ox celebrated at the China Pilgrim

Day 25

Getting ready for Chinese NY party

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 24
Sleeping Beauty! We went to Fridays for dinner and Jess slept through the entire meal.

Day 23

Out at Unos with the kids. Jess loves having her picture taken; Jason, not so much.

Day 22
Jason is a voracious reader - takes after me!

Day 21
Jess likes to watch tv with me at night, especially when Mike is working. She usually falls asleep and then I move her to her bed.

Day 20
I've always enjoyed going to the library. As a kid, I spent hours at the Melrose library. Here's a picture of the Plymouth Public Library.

Day 19

Bluejay in snowy tree outside our window.

Day 18

I've driven by this place for years whenever I had to go to Carver (never heard of Carver? I hadn't either until I moved to Plymouth). After church, Jess, my mom and I tried it out for tea. We ordered the tea service which was good although the sandwiches were a little heavy for it. The desserts were really yummy! Jess got a mini cheeseburger which was one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever had.

Day 17
A glimpse at Project 365. I'm not an organized scrapper - what a shock!

Day 16
Unos with my coworkers. We had an awesome time!

Day 15
It was bitter cold out and all that sounded good was soup so Jess and I headed over to Panera's. She ate an entire bowl of chicken noodle soup and I had the creamy tomato with asiago croutons. Yummmm!!!!!

Day 14

Dinner at the Radisson. Jess ate baked brie with spiced poached pear along with my wax beans and broccolini. This child is very adventurous and will definitely not be a cheap date!

Day 13

Dinner at Red Robin. Jason isn't quite as tolerant of my taking pictures as he used to be hence the look I'm getting with the eyeroll.

Day 12

Jack and J.J. my 2 furbabies. They chase each other, wrestle and love to snuggle together.