Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trying Again
I didn't end up being able to do this project last year. Trying again.

Day 8 1/8/10
Jess in her fleece - safe and snug in her carseat with no worry of compression.

Day 7 1/7/2010
New years card from Jinan SWI

Day 6 1/6/2010
You never know where you may find a cat in this house.

Day 5 1/5/2010
Blubber glove at school.

Day 4 1/4/2010
Cats love being near the wood stove

Day 3 1/3/2010
Rosey cheeks - baby it's cold outside!

Day 2 1/2/2010
Pancakes for breakfast!!!

Day 1 1/1/2010
Happy New Year!!!

Trying again

Day 8 1/8/10

Jess in her carseat with her fleece. Snug and safe.